The perfect pair of pants

“Sport couture at a fair price”

Are you tired of being in the dilemma of choosing between the casual jogging-trousers and the classy suit-pants, even though you a perfectly aware of the unwanted attention you would attract, if you should choose anything but the suit-pants? No more! 

At THE N O R D I C we made the choice just a little easier and made an alternative pair of pants suitable for the job and cheap enough for any occasion you might think of. A product that visually looks like a suit pant but in terms of comfort feels like a stretchy pair of jogging-trousers. Not compromising with neither work ethics or the soft touch.

Our 'MADS' pants 

Our Perfect Pants is named MADS and reflects just the kind of products, we want to be known for. Not only a suitable choice, but a actually the only choice. And if that shouldn’t be convincing enough we are pleased to reveal, that our MADS pants costs only the € 32,71 – one third of the lowest traditional retail price.

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