Winter is coming and THE NORDIC is ready!

Once again the Summer is coming to an end, and we need to replace the short sleeved t-shirts with a warm and suitable replacement. Releasing our new concept ‘Radical Simplicity’ this fall we choose an assortment for exactly this occasion by offering trench coats, bomber jackets, college jackets and overshirts – at a price where every student, husband and bachelor can relate.


EINAR: Trench Coat € 91,49

PER (Black): Trench Coat € 91, 49 EDITOR’s choice

PER (Grey): Trench Coat € 91,49

THOR: Overshirt € 78,42

VALTER: Bomber Jacket € 63,81

HJALMAR: Bomber Jacket € 63,81

JON: College Coat € 78,42


Our jackets are made by the same manufactures as some of the leading brands of this world, and the only difference is, that we have chosen another path as brand directly to you! Expensive retail costs and engross pricing has been cut off, and thereby we have the golden opportunity to deliver a premium product directly the costumer – no matter if it is a wool Trench Coat or a cotton t-shirt. 

Read more about our concept.

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