The Nordic – affordable premium 


We believe in always challenging status quo with innovation, a ´can do´ attitude, and hard work to deliver extraordinary consumer value. The Nordic is a result of just that – not just another regular fashion brand. It is a statement, a mission, and a movement to make a solid mark in the industry and take a costumer-friendly stand.


Our aim is to provide you, the consumer, with what we’ve dubbed affordable premium. In our industry, most brands are adversed to the idea of combining high quality and fair prices – largely due to long and complex value chains. At The Nordic, we beg to differ. We firmly believe that quality and competitive pricing are mutually inclusive.


Why not? If something is broken, fix it. We want to make premium clothing an affordable choice, but radical change doesn’t just happen by itself. We have pushed the boundaries and killed some of the (former) darlings of our industry. Basically just a great product, manufactured by the best in the industry, distributed directly to you through our own webshop.


We’ve said our farewells and cut ties to what we strongly believe are unnecessary processes and layers. We have tried extremely hard to think as consumers, rather than industry experts and thus challenged much of the know how that were a limit to our mission! The result is a business model offering you much better value for less– in many cases up to half of the original retail price.


The Nordic is sport couture - it is craftsmanship, premium quality and attention to detail brought to life in essential wardrobe stables. Some are seasonal, some are not - but common for them all are, that they are brought to our consumers through a very simple value creation proces.